ronaldo hates coca cola

This is why Ronaldo Hates Coca Cola

Did you see that? No, seriously, did you see that surely you did as it spread all over the world. But we’ll tell you anyway, in case you somehow still don’t know. Cristiano Ronaldo actually came to the press conference before the opening match of the Portugal national team at the euro. On the first matchday, the European Brazilians played against Hungary, but things did not go so routinely. The matter is that two bottles of Coca-Cola were standing in front of Ronaldo.

Cristiana, while looking at sweet carbonated drinks, could not resist and put them away. At the same time, the Portugal national team captain took out the bottle of boiling water eloquently, saying that is real water. As a result, a paradoxical situation happened. Cristiana blasted the front pages of the world media without even playing the euro matches. By the way, Cristiana Osis had a sort of treant. Did you see how Pogba removed a bottle of Heineken?

But let’s get back to the main topics of today’s release. So why does Ronaldo hate Coca Cola? Is it true that after this incident, the company began to incur crazy losses? And what was the answer from Coca Cola representatives? Why is this video to the end? And then you will get to know everything. Let’s get-go in. The video with Ronaldo and Coca-Cola gained tremendous virility all over the world. In a matter of minutes, we all began to share the video with our friends.

And does the whole world, led by Cristiano Ronaldo, made an amazing Coca-Cola. Antikythera, teasing the media, began to publish unbelievable and shocking information. It turns out that Ronaldo, with one motion of hand damage the U.S. giant in the amount of four billion dollars each of his movements makes a difference in this world, assures the others who have replicated this information. Ronaldo. His actions affected not only the image but also the financial position of Coca-Cola. Ronaldo was probably not aware of the large financial consequences his actions would have.

According to Mark, Coca-Cola shares were worth fifty six point one dollars per share at the time of the opening of the stock market in Europe. But when Ronaldo left his seat after the press conference, the share price had fallen to fifty five point two dollars per share. The following the price by one point six percent, caused the company for a billion dollars of capitalization. But don’t hurry to share this information to your friends. In fact, markka, like many other media sources, was grossly mistaken.

The fact is that exactly on Monday, June 13th, there was an ex-dividend day for Coca-Cola shares. Every quarter, four times a year, Coca-Cola pays dividends to shareholders. In other words, each shares the profits to receive the June dividend opened. Forty-two dollars. You had to have a Coca Cola share by June 11th. And June 13th is the first day when the company’s shares were traded without the included the value of the next dividend. To put it another way, the value of a share falls give or take, by the size of the dividend.

keeping silent in this case is definitely not an option. Everyone has the right to their drink preferences. Players are offered water alongside Coca-Cola and Coca Cola zero sugar. On arrival at our press conferences, a company spokesman said, You really can’t argue with such comments.

Drinking or not, drinking, cola is our business only in this three-year run Ilda versus Coca-Cola. Many fans supported Cristiana’s views and praised the Portuguese for promoting a healthy lifestyle. But the most attentive and meticulous football fans and observers remember the Portuguese, for he is not the most thoughtful steps taken when he was young. How hypocritical can you be? Cristiano Ronaldo now equals drink, water, safe health and many, many other Bandha comments we found out in the video Coca-Cola by Cristiano Ronaldo, an advertisement for the 2006 World Cup, which was intended for the Asian market.

Seven was definitely not against Coca-Cola back then. However, in all fairness, it is worth saying that Ronaldo was only at the start of his great football career. He was only 21. Just a young kid hurries to fame and big money. He was also not a father. Yet now Kristiana looks at many things completely differently compared to the Coca-Cola lover he was in 2006. Cristiano Ronaldo also advertised are other drinks. For example, in 2009, the Portuguese became the hero of a campaign for extra juice and Indonesian energy drink.

Fortunately, these are old things of the past that may bring interest only in the context of how a person can change preferences throughout life. What is their real reason for Renaldo’s? Disgust at Coca-Cola. The first and most important one is that Coca-Cola can in No. Maybe part of Christiane’s diet, Ronaldo is very demanding of himself, and this is from where his food, longevity and outstanding physical shape came from. The Portuguese diet consists of six mini meals that include lots of fruits, vegetables and pure protein.

Cristiana is very fond of fish and chicken. As for the drinks, Kevin prefers water, juice and sometimes wine. And what about Reinaldo’s workout regime? It is just crazy. He trains three-four hours a day for five days a week. As you can guess, there is no time for drinking cola. Coca-Cola is a drink that is completely banned in Christina’s house. Let’s see whether my son will be able to become a great footballer. Sometimes he drinks coke and is crisps and it irritates me.

He knows that, said Ronaldo at the latest Globe Soccer Award ceremony. Coca-Cola has been proven to be harmful to football players and athletes. One bottle contains 10 teaspoons of added sugar, which is clearly not going to help you reach the top in sports, as the World Health Organization recommends no more than six teaspoons of added sugar per day. On top of that, according to British pharmacist Niraj NYK, blood sugar levels rise sharply within 20 minutes of consumer nickolay triggering a surge and insulin.

Our liver then converts a large amount of sugar circulating in the body into fat. Cristiana knows all this information perfectly and therefore he has long given up on sugary carbonated drinks. The ability to change his opinion on certain issues helped in order to build an outstanding career and perform at the top level, even in the age of 36. Have you seen his brace against the Hungarian national team and hero? That is what we are talking about. Further on the words of Cristiano, the most intelligent thing about a footballer is the ability to adjust, Ronaldo said.

I am more mature now. If a player wants to play for many years, he needs to know how to adjust and adapt, and the numbers speak for themselves. From 18 to 36, I have managed to adjust and adapt. I have always been able to win and on a collective level, part of a team that has been able to win. I have shown that the key is to adjust all along my career, said Ronaldo in a recent interview.

Of course, in the ability to motivate and instruct on a healthy lifestyle. Ronaldo is a natural guru and a world idol. In this context, the decision of giving up coach looks logical and correct. But fans who have more intricate stories have speculated that Renaldo’s distaste for Coca-Cola might have come from an incident with former Manchester United teammate Ryan Giggs. Ronaldo came once to breakfast with a Coke in his hand. GICs pushed him on the wall and set. Don’t ever do that again, says Yanagawa Fiorita, a former footballer and now a renowned TV expert at ESPN FC Daedra.

Now to make a choice to give up Koula while playing for Manchester United. Nobody except Cristiano himself will tell us about this story with GICs in the title role turned out to be very interesting and really intriguing. Don’t you agree? Although it still seems to us that Cristiana personally made this decision weighing all the pros and cons. After all, we all know how smart Ronaldo is. Friends, we are down to the final conclusion. Drinking or not drinking, Coca-Cola is up to you.

Well, that was inside football. We watch football from a different angle. Have a good one and see innervate.

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