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Easy way to create a Reddit SubReddit that stays?

Hello guys. In this lesson we’re going to talk about thanks to now before creating a new Reddit SubReddit, Let’s get started. It is possible to create your own so Reddit on the platform, especially if you haven’t found a particular subreddit on the platform. Creating a subreddit will allow you to become a moderator of the community that you’ve created. Although moderators can also be a moderator on another subreddit, even if they did not create it. The admin of Reddit Com may give Reddit gold to top moderators as a way of paying out or giving incentives to their efforts and managing subreddits.

If your edit account is new, you won’t be able to create a new subreddit. You need at least 30 days for your account to be active, then earn a few Karma points. Some Editors are able to create a new community with 40 plus Karma points to make it a goal to increase your Karma to meet the requirement before creating a new subreddit. Once your account is at least 30 days old and has reached the required Karma points, only then can you create a new community while waiting for the time when the Create New Community button is available for your account.

Engage on the subreddit. To gain Karma points, you can start sharing content, posts, images, videos, or written content from your Reddit account. Make sure all of these posts are related to the subreddit that you will share them with. Before you create your own subreddit, you need to make research and find similar subreddits to the community that you plan on creating. You can also check if the subreddit that you want to create is not yet taken or is not yet available on the platform. Next, pick a name for your subreddit.

The name that you will choose will also be the URL for your subreddit. For example, you wanna use the subreddit name Keto Coffee Business. The URL will be Reddit Com R Keto Coffee Business. The name of your subreddit has to be 20 characters or less. Remember that once you’ve finalized a Reddit name, you won’t be able to change it anymore, so take time to decide on what your subreddit name will be. There are already more than 130,000 celebrated communities on the platform. You must check out if the name that you’ll choose is still available and no one has created that subreddit yet.

Next, we must add topics as this will help other Reddit users to find the subreddit that she’ll create. Next, prepare the description for your Reddit community. The description will have possible subscribers to understand what they can find in your community. Type of Subreddit Community You can select a type of subreddit Communities Privacy if you want it available to the public, private, or restricted public Fi. Reddit will allow anyone to post content, view topics, or comment on posts. Insider Subreddit Community Private subreddits will only allow Redditors who are subscribed and approve to join the community to post content view posts, browse and read topics and discussion inside the community.

Restricted so Reddit will only allow approved users to post content inside a community, but anyone can view the posts inside the community. Now that you know about the things to know. Before creating new subreddits, we can now proceed to the next topic, adding subreddits to custom feed and favorite. I’ll see you there.

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