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Arrests made after school board meeting on critical race theory got physical

In time, you deleted the board meeting on transgender policy and critical race theory. It turned physical tonight in Loudon County, Virginia, just a suburb right here in Washington, DC. Multiple people were arrested, including one man who was tackled to the ground by deputies and forcefully removed from the room. At one point, the Sheriff’s Department declared the meeting an unlawful Assembly. After board members abruptly cut off public comet. They heard just 51 of the 259 people who had signed up wanting to make a public comment. Now, some attendees staying in the room to voice their opinions, resulting in that clash with law enforcement.

All these people were doing here was taking the time to be able to show and share, at least with their own people why they’re here. They have every right to do that and to press their rights and their regrets in terms of what’s going on in this County. You guys are actually supporting the suppression of her rank on or you’re using to save at this time? Yes. Deputy Lease arrested individual for trespassing. Please think based on what transaction, what did I do wrong?

All right. That since the latest instance of parental pushback in Loudon County here in Virginia, that school district making headlines over suspending an Elementary PE teacher who spoke in his personal capacity and one of those meetings saying it would violate his religious convictions to refer to young students by a gender that differs from their gender assigned at birth. A judge has since tossed that suspension. That case is now on appeal. It’s not simmering down out there. We’ll continue to follow it.

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