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Review: Microsoft Windows 11 launched

Microsoft unveiling Windows 11 today and an update in a way built for pandemic trends. Some new features include a simplified design team’s integration. It runs Android apps and offers new economics in an App store. Our next guest saying he hasn’t been this excited about a new operating system since Windows 95. And he was at Microsoft when that came out. Microsoft corporate vice president overseeing most of the consumer business use of Medi joins us now. Use of Welcome. I almost feel like I’m in a bizarro world here because 21 years ago this month, Microsoft was ordered to break up.

But just now, Sachin Adela onstage touting Windows as a democratizing force, an open platform in a world in a way influenced by Android and iOS in particular and the App Store that people are bucking up against. What’s the idea?

Well, a big thing, John. And thanks for being here with us. I’m happy to be here to talk about the all-new Windows 11. The big focus that we’ve tried to do is really inspire people’s productivity and get them back to the things that they love. And so, as you said, we really kind of focus on investing in four areas, a simplified design, an all-new way to be able to reach people through text, chat, video and calling and more apps, more games and more entertainment options.

In particular. As you mentioned, the ability to run Android apps. The importance of what Windows does for Microsoft is it provides that platform for not only all of our services but for all of the people that want to build products on the Web today. And so we’re excited to bring that openness and empower some of the things that you were talking about.

I’m particularly curious about the Windows App Store economics and what you’re saying about empowering creators. How do you think Microsoft is going to influence the digital download and digital economy space with this movement? Windows? Yeah.

So a big part of what we were trying to do for people is to get them the best entertainment, the best games, the best apps. And we think the way to do that is to have a more open platform. And we’re doing that in a couple of ways. First, with our new store that we talked about today, we have new policies. So if you are a provider of an App store, you can bring your own commerce engine and put that into our store. That’s something you can’t do in many other places.

So give me an example of how that might work. Even a company, say, like Adobe or maybe a gaming company, how it works.

Exactly. So if you’re Adobe, you have a creative cloud you can now sell. For example, Upsells to premium subscriptions within your Adobe cloud within your app. And Microsoft doesn’t involve that. We don’t take any economics. You can do that all yourself, or if you want. If you’re a smaller publisher, you can use our store, and then we have the most competitive economics.

Okay, so you’re not taking 30% if you have a store within a store, that’s what you’re saying. But maybe you don’t get the Discoverability of Microsoft putting you front and Center. How does that work?

Yeah. So what we do is we have one store, very easy, trusted, simple to find apps, and we will put all of those apps in the store as well. So it’s really a choice for the developer and the creator. The other opportunity that you mentioned is within the new AI-powered personalized feed, which gives you all of the news and content, and information you care about right on the Windows desktop. Really an incredible feature. We now have an ability where we’re going to allow creators to also bring their content, and we’re going to start with local creators and build that.

So it’s another way for people who want to blog or influence to be able to reach over 13,000,000,000 Windows customers right on the desktop.

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