Some Babu

A Beggar has Rescued a Child From a Kidnapper

Today a beggar has rescued a child from a kidnapper. But the kidnapper could not be caught. Everyone will suspect that the beggar himself abducted the child. The reason for the suspicion was that the child was crying when the child was returning home.

The baby’s name is Some Babu. Age 3 years. His father’s name is Pinak and his mother’s name is Sompa. His home is in Chakpara village of Bogura district.

Today a stranger was wandering around too much. Suddenly Some Babu followed a cat. Then the stranger started to make Some Babu unconscious by holding his face. In this situation, the beggar saw. Then the stranger ran away. Immediately some people left. Then everyone tries to catch that stranger but can’t. When the beggar took the child to their house, everyone suspected him and started beating him. After a while, everyone left, saying that this beggar had saved your son.

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