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BREAKING NEWS: Manchester City preparing bid of £100m to sign Jack Grealish from Aston Villa after Euros

Still, stuff from the outside world does get across to them and media reports this morning about Jack Grealish. Okay, what can you tell us about that? Yes, we do have an update. You may have seen some reports this morning saying that Jack Greenish is close to moving to Manchester City. There has been talking about the fact that Matches the City are prepared to pay a hundred million pounds for him and that he will become a match the City player after the Euros.

The latest information we have about his future is this match. The City is interested in signing Jack Greenish. That is not a secret. They’ve been interested in signing him for a long time. But our understanding of the situation is that Man City’s priority this summer is to sign a striker.

That is their first priority. Obviously, we know they’re interested in Harry Kane. They’re also interested in Early Harland. Now, I think if they manage to sign a striker, then Yes, they would also be interested in signing Jack Greenish. But lots of clubs are interested in signing Jack Greenish.

And guess what? Jack Greenish has a long term contract with Aston Villa. Seville don’t want to sell him. He has four years left on his contract. So what we know is that Matches the City are interested in signing him, but he is not their top priority.

Their top priority is signing a striker, Harry Kane or Earling Harland. Pep Guardiola is a big, big fan of Jack Greenish. We know that he would like to work with Jack Greenish one day, but I don’t think it’s going to be easy to sign him from Aston Villa because the kind of transfer fee we’re talking about would be over 100,000,000 pounds. And Pep Guard, Yellow has gone on record a couple of months ago saying that Matches the City doesn’t have the finances to be able to spend the kind of money that we’ve seen PSG, for instance, spend in past transfer windows.

I don’t think Mate City is going to be spending 2 300,000,000 pounds this summer.

Their priority is a striker. But Yes, there is interest in Jack Grealish.

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