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Embarrassed’ Kaufusi ready for Luai revenge | QLD Maroons | State of Origin 2021: Game II live stream

We’re just days out from State of Origin to but it’s an iconic image from the Origin opener that is still dominating discussions in the leadup to Sunday’s showdown at Suncorp Stadium. Jerome Luis standing over police Cause, the pictured Moro’s back roar doesn’t feel disrespected, rather disappointed, just more hormone embarrassed me, to be honest.

And Yeah, like I said, I think more. So the passion that the Blue slides have half of each other will be the same as all we have that much passion as all causes.

2021 State of Origin live and free in NZ

Queensland teammates say they’ll use the image of the Blues rookie giving the Marines veteran a spray as motivation. Do you think it’s Erica?

I think just pays a lot of passion and that’s an Origin is all about. Just hope I can stick the script there and get one over.

I think it’s just passionate on both sides of Origin. I think you got to drum up where you can.

The image is symbolic of the Blues dominance in Game one. Queensland coach Paul Green is making sure his players remember the pain they felt in Townsville, forcing them to relive it in an uncomfortable review session ahead of Game two. Have you ever been part of the worst review in your life?

I don’t think so. To be honest, that’s pretty. Like I said, it’s pretty daunting. It’s something that we have to face as players and as Queens and to see where we went wrong.

Obviously learn from what we did done as a two time Premiership went up and Australian and Queensland representative Cause is considered among the game’s elite. But concedes stopping the likes of Tom Traywick on Sunday night will be the biggest test of his seven year career.

Far out. He’s going to be hard to handle. I don’t know how it pops up everywhere he’s paying centers. We see him in the middle, we’ve seen him on the far on my side. And even so, I guess it’s just trying to limit where he gets the ball and obviously identifying where he is in the field.

Reese Walser’s upcoming Origin debut remains one of the biggest talking points in the leadup to Origin two. Blues legend and Rugby League immortal Andrew John says the 18 year old selection is an Act of desperation.

She played against Washington’s debut down in Melbourne and he showed some glimpses of Page when he played against us. And I’m actually really excited for him to get his chance and just having him around a camp. He’s pretty confident in himself, too. So that’s what he’s going to need, Queensland or desperate? Not at all.

Do you feel like he belongs in the Origin? Reno, Yeah.

Certainly wouldn’t have been picked if he didn’t belong. It’s always going to be data on anyone that’s picked in the Taint, especially that age as well. But dog for confidence and reach.

The Marines have completed their biggest training session of the week here on the Gold Coast with a post-session against the Winter Manley Seagulls ahead of Sunday’s must-win match at Suncorp Stadium. In some good news for Queensland, Jarrow returned to training after he was hospitalized earlier this week with a skin infection.

Look how Blackstar against the war, but we love a fight. We’ve always been underdogs. It doesn’t matter if we do in. They always find a way to, I guess the back fence. And it’s up to us the turnover.

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