George Floyd enters

George Floyd enters ‘pantheon of martyrs’ of BLM movement

Well, Us President Joe Biden has commented on former Us Police Officer Derek shaman’s 22 and a half year jail sentence, saying it seems to be appropriate after being informed of the decision by reporters. For more on this and the latest news from the Us, I’m joined by Professor and political analyst Joe Sarah KUSA. Joe, as always, appreciate your time this morning. Look, the President was pretty quick to comment on seven sentences.

Good morning, Sam. Lookup. He was quick, and he said he didn’t know what all the details were. He sent was about 12 and a half years, and the judge tapped on additional 10 years for considering the man had a position of power, and he showed a depraved indifference in the rest of it. So it gets 22 years, 10 years above the recommended guidelines. So the President just said, Yeah, this is appropriate now. I think the Floyd family has some closure here. They threw the kitchen sink at him.

The city of Minneapolis paid the family 27,000,000 dollars for one called death, though the check was given to them in the middle of jury selection. So there’s so much for that. And George Floyd enters the pantheon of Mars on the Black Lives movement, which should be another chapter in the civil rights movement in the United States. I don’t know how much it’s going to change. It may produce natural legislation, but most police forces will probably do what they’re doing anyway. And I always thought the big cure to this thing was to bring his man, any noncolored people or different people onto the police force.

So there’s some representation. You can imagine this case, how differently it would be, and it could be of a black officer doing the same thing to a black citizen. I mean, it’s about police brutality. It isn’t just about white on black or anything like that. But in the case of Minneapolis, that’s exactly the case. And it became I was sort of amazed how it went right around the world and sort of reinforcing images of things that happened in other places to at least civil problems in other places.

So I think this closes the books a little bit. President had a very big day. He said that at the end of the meeting with the President of Afghanistan in Rome and shortly after that, the president’s spokesperson is back. He says that the Americans will not be returning to Afghanistan, even if the roof caves in there because it’s an unwinnable war. It’s an extraordinary thing to say after 20 years. It’s an unwinnable war. And everybody knows that the Taliban is going to come back with Sharia law and all that implies for women, human rights and the economy.

And they’re just waiting for the Americans to go and 650 Americans remain behind. So today we have a victory for civil rights or that is for civil Justice, police Justice. And we have probably a long Sun on the Afghan front because the President has admitted that at least the president’s spokesperson has admitted that there’s only one way out of here and that’s out the door, leaving the Afghans holding the bag. And the other big news today, I think, was the UFO report came down in Congress.

And look, I’ve been a UFO fan all my life. I mean, who couldn’t be? It’s great stuff. Normally, back in the day in the 50? S and 60? S, people who reported UFOs were probably moving faster with drugs, that the UFOs are moving because they all seemed very suspicious. But today UFOs are not a tempo. You can talk about them. We don’t know what they are. There were 144 cases that were tabled. One of them can be explained. The other 143 can not be explained. But what I think is interesting is it’s only 143 cases happened in areas where military exercises and maneuvers were going on.

So somebody’s looking at somebody is their life out there? Probably. We don’t know what it is. I mean, Carl Sagan and even the great Carl Young said that there has to be living in the universe were not the only people here. But as I like to say all the time, that if they’re really intelligent, they’ll stay well away from us.

We’re gonna agree on one thing, Joe. We certainly enjoy UFO story. Look, you mentioned the President had quite a big week. He’s also copped a bit of criticism for his infrastructure stance from Senate Republicans.

Well, Yes, he’s having a problem with Republicans. For this reason, they compromised on an infrastructure bill on hard infrastructure, ports, railroads and roads and the like. And that’s what the Republicans want. They don’t want the soft or the human infrastructure. They’re not interested in education or they’re interested in daycare and the rest of it. But so the President had a deal on this under 2,000,000,000,000 dollars. And then he says that there’ll be a second bill to get everything he can’t get in the first bill. And when he goes with the second bill, the hell with the film Buster.

He’s just going to Ram it through on the reconciliation, which means you can do it with 50 votes instead of needing 60 votes. So the Republicans feel they’ve been double-crossed on this one. And President said if he doesn’t get his way, he will detail the first bill. So now they had really been trapped in a difficult spot. But, look, infrastructure is important. And building that came down in Florida is a good example of what’s wrong with infrastructure. Also, the bridge came down this week and I think killed some people somewhere in America.

Bridges are falling down, buildings are falling down, and we still don’t have an infrastructure bill yet. The President of the United States is offering billions of dollars in places like Afghanistan to repair things to see it doesn’t make any sense. We can’t get things done at home. And the other thing, too, is because the President has agreed with the Republicans. The Progressives in the Democratic Party are going after him for compromising. They don’t want any compromises. They went on Ram everything home with 50 votes, plus Senator Harris as head of the Senate.

So they’re not interested in compromise were no. But right now, the President of the United States is riding the Tiger. He’s having difficulty doing anything. He can’t get his bills past. He can’t get that police reform bill past. And he’s having trouble on the floor in front that she’s got to deal with the new Iranian situation. Got a President in Iran who’s going to be very difficult to deal with and has made it very plain that the presidents there want to return to the normal conditions.

That is, he wants the Americans a drop the sanctions. And Biden can’t do that without other restrictions. That is, the missile ranges of other things that the Iranians are developing. So that’s not going to go anywhere. The North Koreans are jumping up and down. It’s their time for a little bit of action. And in the world of foreign policy, in North Korea rates number one, they are the ninth nuclear power, and they’re completely unpredictable and uncontrollable. And Biden doesn’t have a clue how to talk to this guy.

And the one thing that could be said about President Trump is she’d have a hamburger with anybody. But by is not going to do that kind of thing. So the President is going to have to be in damage control this week, and he’s got a hard job in front of him. He has to convince the American people that he was the right man for the job, that he was a fellow who can get the compromises through who could return America in the world stage. And so he’s promised a great deal.

Will he be able to deliver? Probably not all of it. But if he gets 50%, he’ll be a winner.

And Joe just very quickly. Another person on damage control, I guess, this week, Rudy Giuliani, has been suspended from practicing law.

Yes, he has been suspended. He’ll probably have his license pulled. Look for myself and anybody who can remember the 9 11. He was the hero of the day. I mean, he was very reckless and sense. He went into buildings he shouldn’t have been going into, and he’s become sort of a caricature of himself. It’s a pity to see the end of this man because he was in the pantheon of American heroes. And he’s gone from hero to eccentric. And look, this happens to a lot of people in high places.

They get out of the office and they get attached themselves to some causes, and they become very extreme. So we’ve watched him, Juliana fall from Grace in America. He won’t be the first. Maybe he will be restored in prominence later on in life or be revised. But right now, he has fallen from Grace. And he shows all the excesses of the Trump administration, which, by the way, the Trump businesses are probably going to be indicted next week in the state of New York. So that’s another problem.

And Giuliani has done a very silly thing. He has said things that aren’t true. And while you can do that under the First Amendment, you can’t do it while the Attorney General of New York is looking at you.

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