“Hungary won’t get kicked out of the EU, but Germany did kick them out of Euro 2020”

Well, I think people have been very impressed with the way that, for example, the German football team, the players themselves, Garrett, got that goal which made sure that Hungary was booted out of the Euros. Perhaps they can’t be booted out of the EU. But they were kicked out of the Euros football tournament last week and the guy who scored the goal posted on Instagram a picture of himself and holding up a kind of heart symbol and saying love to all. And the message was pretty clear to Hungry that they’re on the wrong side of the debate when it comes to Western Europe.

And I do think that the discussion that has taken place in Brussels today will have a kind of long term impact on Hungary and that people will realize there might be a quick political gain for Alban to kind of make bellicose statements in response, which might boy up to his supporters in Hungary. But I think over a longer period, I think that influence does seep down into member states of the EU, and perhaps one day the EU will become an important moral force in the world. I think at the moment it’s not it can’t even stand up to really obvious bad guys like Russia.

It’s busy signing up for this pipeline so that cheap gas can be pumped into century Europe. Who cares? The fact that the guy who’s going to be profiting from that is having people murdered, assassinated, and poisoned? The Europeans are too busy counting their money in the banks.

And for Pedro, speaking of money in the Bank, you can hear people in their wallets. We can show you the tweet of one Crusading, anti-Orban member of the European Parliament, Catalina She. She’s been very vocal about, for instance, 600,000 euros and EU funds that have allegedly been funneled to Orban’s son-in-law. Here in this particular tweet, She says a professional tip for the European Council leaders to stop subsidizing his corruption.

Well, that might be a lead to investigate. If you can put forward some evidence or some beginning of evidence, of course, it should be investigated, as some other members of the European Union are being under investigation every so often. But it doesn’t apply only to Hungary within Europe. The problem is the contradictions of the European Union. See, here in this country where we are standing now, friends, there have been laws that have been restricting the freedom of the press as well. If you investigate a company now, you risk very heavily if you really use some information.

But we are standing the mention of homosexuality.

That’S not the same thing. But what I mean is there are contradictions in European Union in many fields, and they will pop out very, very, very fast.

Robert Parson, No, I agree. It’s pretty good.

By the way, the next presidency of the European Union after Portugal is Slovenia, which is also being accused of some of these problems with civil liberties.

Yeah, which I don’t think you can put Slovenia in quite the same basket as Hungry at this stage, and maybe in one or 2 points there in alignment. But by and large, Slovenia doesn’t fit into that pocket.

I think it’s essentially what menu an macore mentoned.

Well, because on this particular issue, Slovenia appeared to take a the side of Hungry. But I think in general, Slovenia has a reasonably good record this Friday.

By the way, at that EU summit, the what could be the closing of a 16 year old chapter.

It was Uncle Markle’s last EU summit before Germany picks a new Chancellor in next September’s general election. It’s interesting stiff on the rise because we mentioned the Dutch Prime Minister Market. We mentioned Victor Orban. They’re the ones who now have the longest. The record after Merkel goes inside of the European Council.

Yes, indeed, I do is quite ironic that they’re probably the biggest antagonist within the European Council. But indeed, Mark Roth is probably also the reason why he spoke out so clearly, maybe not very diplomatically, as AMA just said, but he feels that he has a role to fulfill. He now has the credibility because he’s there ready has been there for 11 years, and his country is doing extremely well when it comes to the economy. He sees that Europe is important. That something that he didn’t see earlier in his career.

But he changed a lot in regard to his look, his opinion on the European Union yesterday, actually, he said during this doorstep statement, he said, we cannot allow people like Viktor Orban destroy our beautiful Union. It was actually a moment that he came out of the closet, not maybe as a home or field file, as a file, which is maybe even worse for at least a Victor in Hungary. But it is interesting indeed that he’s taken the lead. It is also, of course, the fact that the country, the Netherlands, has changed.

The role of the Netherlands has changed because of Brexit.

Brexit, hang on a second on the star. You telling me, Stefan.

Are you telling me that when Merkel is not there, when there’s a bit of an interregnum in Germany.

It’S not back home.

But hot, who’s going to be the boss of Europe?

Well, the bus. I wouldn’t say that. Of course, the problem with the European Union is exactly those National leaders. It is the member States. They are part of the problem, not the solution. But I do think that there’s also a chemistry between my car and Hit. My co accepts a lot what Rate says. And by the way, maybe my core isn’t there anymore, either next year or Micarta, by the way, because he there’s no government currently in the Netherlands, and it’s not really entirely sure that he will come back as a Prime in autumn.

So maybe all the people we’re seeing today, this Summer will be gone in a year or so. Maybe even sooner.

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