Democratic lawmaker criticized

Live Update: Democratic lawmaker criticized for calling El Paso the ‘new Ellis Island’

And there was a jarring comment from Congresswoman Veronica Escobar upon greeting Kamala Harris at the El Paso Airport today.

Welcome to Al Paso. Welcome to my community, to the new Alice Island, to the capital of the border. I have a heart full of gratitude because we finally have an administration willing to tackle the big challenges, willing to tackle challenges in a meaningful, thoughtful, strategic, compassionate way, and understanding what’s driving people from their home, what’s making them arrive at our nation’s front door.

Joining me now, Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Institution senior fellow, Victor, the Ellis Island of 20 21 tees off on that for a moment.

Every element of that comparison is pathetic. Laura, Ellis Island. Everybody came legally from 18 90 to 19 24. It was legal, legal. And they came they were audited. They were authenticated. There were people who gave them health checks, people coming across the real Grand, especially at El Paso in the state of Texas. They’re coming for the most part, illegally. We don’t have any idea in the middle of a pandemic, whether they’ve been vaccinated, probably not, or whether they’re active carriers. 5,000 border and customs patrol officers have been infected.

They were diverse at Elsie, and they came from all over the world. This is just one group of Spanish-speaking people. It’s not diverse like Ellis Island. And they came with the expectation, Laura, to assimilate rapidly, to integrate, to intermarry. That’s not the message we’re giving these immigrants that are coming illegally. We’re telling them that they were part of tribal identity. It’s what’s happening in America. And they came that people forget about Ellis Island. It was measured. I know that some years days, they might have five or 6 0.

But over that 36 year period, there was about 12,000,000 people who arrived here. We’re getting up to 2,000,000. So we’re getting 6 7 times more per year across the Southern border than we did through Ellis Island. Every element of that comparison is just factually wrong, and it’s kind of insulting to the people who follow the rules, or grandparents or great grandparents or parents that did that. It’s really sickening.

Yeah. My grandparents on my mom’s side came through Ellis Island over hearing hearing some of those distant stories. I took my breath away that comparison. I want to play something else that Harris said today at the border. I.

Strongly believe that most people don’t want to keep home. And when they do, it is because either they are fleeing some harm or because to say, means that they cannot provide for the basic necessities of their family.

Victor, First of all, that doesn’t qualify them for a Sile status in the United States. She doesn’t even know the law, and she’s supposedly this great lawyer. That’s not persecution. That’s under one of the causes listed under the asylum statute.

Yeah, that’s also a lie. We have few polls law that are taken frequently and usually Mexico alone. People pull. About 50 of the Mexican population says if given the opportunity or chance, they would move to the United States immediately. Half the country, 55,000,000 60,000,000 people would come. If you open the borders, all of Central America and Mexico would come. Because for all the criticism in America, we’re a constitutional state with individual Liberty. And we kind of allow people to be prosperous, secure, and happy in a way that’s impossible in their Homeland.

So they would all come. And yet that’s the big disconnect, isn’t it? The left says this is a terrible country. And then they can’t explain why everybody wants to come to a racist country. It’s because they don’t even believe their own rhetoric. They’re so cynical.

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