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Priyanka Chopra Gets Tattoo Honoring Her & Nick Jonas’ Dogs

Priyanka Chopra is showing off some new ink. It appears the white Tiger actress recently got a new tattoo and did so in honor of three important members of her and Nick Jonas’s family, their dogs. Nick posted a photo on his Instagram story of his wife resting her barefoot. On his and right on our ankle were three tiny porins, one for each of their pups, Chihuahua, Diana, German Shepherd Gino and Husky Australian Shepherd Mix Panda. Prianka shared the Photo on her own story and wrote My All with a red heart tagging.

Priyanka Chopra

Her husband, Nick and Prianka, have slowly grown their family of pets over the years. Pre adopted Diana in 2,016 before she and Nick started dating. Their bond was instant, she told the Financial Times earlier this year with Diana, I had somebody to take care of, and in return, she took care of me. I feel that about my pups in such a big way. If you look after them, they really look after you. They heal your heart. They make us more human. Fast forward to 2,019. Prianka had met Ann Mary Nick, and as an early first wedding anniversary present, she surprised him with Gino.

What is a Oh, you. Oh, you just move in the man.

Then last August, they added another fur baby to the FAM with Panda, and he fit right in with his new siblings. Priyanka is no stranger to getting meaningful tattoos. She previously got Daddy’s little girl in her late father’s handwriting inked on her wrist. She also has tattoos in honor of her relationship with Nick, she told L magazine this spring. When we got engaged, Nick told me, I checked all his boxes. So on the one-year anniversary of our engagement, we got matching tattoos to celebrate. That my behind my ears, his on his arm is to check on one side, in a box on the other.

Brianca will always remember the day that she and Nick got engaged. She told Access Hollywood that it took her a moment to respond after he asked her to marry him. And Nick claims it was 45 seconds.

He claims it’s 45 seconds. By the way, my life flashed in front of me. I wasn’t expecting this at all. This was two months from our first date. I mean, I knew we were gonna go in that direction. It just took me by surprise completely. He claims like I said, it was 45 seconds. I don’t think him that long, but he did do that. You know, there’s one thing to know about my husband. When he wants something, he gets it. And he’s extremely he’s not someone who wakes around.

He’s very self-assured and confident about it. So he was on his knee and he just put the spring on my finger, sat down next to me and said, Is it a no? I was like, No, it’s Yes. I don’t think Brian says Yes.

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