Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay Lightning, Montreal Canadiens set for memorable Stanley Cup Final

Often as a player. When you get this far, you sit in the dressing room before you go out for game number one and you hear the sound, the music, and you hear the fans. My question is, can there be any more nervousness now than there was earlier in this playoff run? Sailing companies undeniably the best trophy. It’s the history and everything that has been through.

All the stories I’ve been through, this was nothing means anything until we get the Stanley Cup.

It is so close you can taste outside the Arena. They can taste.

But they are not the players. They are not the ones who have sacrificed to get ready.

Have the teams. They’re ready. They will do so under conditions they’re used to, but not accustomed to. Well over here, the crowds are back and so is the action at the Tampa Bay Lightning will take out the Montreal Canadians in Game one on Monday night here in the sandbox.

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