Tornado Warning

Chicago Tornado Warning live

Viewing area. You know, the stuff is still going for another couple of hours, even as the main storm line continues to advance to the East. Yeah.

And check this out. I’m going to take off the radar here for a second. And this is pretty remarkable. We have basically flash flood advisors or warnings all the way from the North shore of Chicago, all the way down past Bloomington, all the way down, basically to about Springfield. Meanwhile, from the shore of Lake Michigan, there is a series of severe thunderstorm warnings that stretch all the way down South of Champagne. So this has just been an elongated storm system that has not moved very far very fast throughout the day.

And we’ve been spinning up these tornadoes. And that’s one of the reasons we’ve spent the time and effort because obviously, we take tornadoes very seriously.

Yeah. No, it’s definitely it’s an I 57 special, and they have lifted the tornado warning now. So a little bit of relief there for the folks at the Indiana shoreline in Porter County. But we’re not saying, Hey, it’s fun times. Now get out and enjoy the rest of your Saturday evening because you’re under a severe thunderstorm warning. But I keep saying this every time, Mark, hopefully, this is the last tornado warning. Not because we object the informing folks about it, but I’m sure that people are getting a little weary of this and scared, quite frankly.

So maybe this will be it for the rest of the evening. Okay.

Well, in case that is not the case, we will be standing by monitoring this situation. I thank you for your help here this afternoon. You and Caitlin Cody, and we will continue to monitor the situation anymore. Tornadoes break out. We will break in and again join us after the game coming up tonight.

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