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Washington Post promoting ‘racial division’ after endorsing white accountability groups

You’re not going to believe what The Washington Post has released. We have been talking about, of course, The Washington Post before and their obsession with race. Well, now check this out. It’s a video urging white people in the name of Piracies, apparently two for what is called white accountability groups. Have a look at this.

Racism is until, like my everyday thought process. No matter how much you work at that, there’s still even almost more work to be done.

A living embodied antiracist culture does not exist among white people. Why did people get to start getting together specifically around race?

Why accountability groups are really helpful in terms of having a place to process, having a group of people whose responsibility it is to call me on things or to challenge me.

I don’t know about you guys, but this feels a bit more like moist self-criticism than anything designed to advance the cause of racial harmony in America. That Daisy, wouldn’t you say?

Should certainly say so, James. I mean, this entire video is about five minutes long. It’s five minutes of basically trying to wave through trial, and it’s actually part of a series that The Washington Post is doing. I believe it’s called The New Normal. So there’s going to be more content like this over the coming weeks and months. Can you believe it? However, even though I say watching it is wading through trial, I would actually encourage to viewers to go and watch the whole thing. You can just Google it.

Washington Post, white accountability groups, New Normal, go through and watch it. Because if you may be wondering what the ins and outs of critical race theory are and why people are so opposed to it, this click from The Washington Post is really an excellent way to gain an understanding of it sort of within the enemy camp, so to speak. So if you can bear it and if you’ve got five minutes to spare, go and do it. Because it’s a great example of what we’re talking about.

Great advice there. Now I want to move to Portland, the other side of the USA. Caleb, tell us about this. The LPGA, the Lady’s Golf Association, have moved a tournament from where they normally hold it in this normally fantastic, wonderful, woke, progressive, peaceful, not Bernie Downey, City of Portland. What’s going on there?

Well, that’s right. They’ve had to move the game elsewhere into the suburbs for the first time ever because there are too many homeless people outside the country club. Imagine that. No, sorry, I forgot. We can’t call them homeless people anymore. They’re people without a roof over their head or whatever the term is. But they don’t like the fact that there are a few homeless people at the front of the country club. So they have moved the tournament elsewhere. And instead of going out and perhaps doing something useful once again, like relocating them or helping them find accommodation or doing something that might be good for the world.

They take all their money in. The LPGA, by the way, has been carrying on all this business about them letting in transgender athletes as well. Oh, no, no. We’re not going to do anything that may be good for anyone. Will move the tournament and we’ll just leave the homeless people there, which is so typical. Care discussion is never about, or the result is never about what we can actually do to make anyone’s life better. It’s just about posturing and posing.

Caleb, I think that’s the first case of Go woke other people. Go broke. We’ve seen Base. Tell us about there’s a new movie coming out. I couldn’t believe it. I watched the trailer. I thought it was a parody. Before we go to our next guest, just walk us through this very quickly.

There is a new movie coming out called Karen. And while that name might sound sort of innocuous, some of you might remember the Karen meme that went around recently, which sort of speaks of an entitled white woman who’s usually racist hating on black people. Well, director Coke Daniels is a bit of a racial activist has decided to make a whole movie out of it about a couple from Atlanta move in next to a racist white woman who tries to kill them. I think we have a little bit of a grab of the trailer.

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