Woman injured by falling tree

Woman injured by falling tree as storms plow through Indiana and Illinois

This timelapse. The news we want you to take a look at this is the same camera earlier today capturing the cloud movement around the same time a tornado warning was issued for Cook and Will counties. And check out these clouds. This is near BECHER. These were sent by Haley Vesco. Will County officials say there were some power outages today, but electricity at many homes and businesses has been restored. Well, the second time in just a week, a tornado siren sounded in the Chicago area. This is news from Crete.

The storm also plowed through northwest Indiana. Nate Rogers has been out surveying the damage. He joins us live now at that’s right.

Natalie, there was widespread damage in the southern suburbs as well as in parts of Indiana. And in fact, we were standing right here underneath the Creek fire station as more and more calls came in of trees falling in people’s front yards, their backyards. And then there was a call of a woman that had been stuck after a tree had fallen on top of her area.

She was coming for I heard the tree Creek and the results of torrential rain and a pretty close call. This massive tree along Frederick Road uprooted and fell within seconds. A 63 year old woman became trapped after she and her husband stepped outside, paramedics quickly rushing her to a nearby hospital. Are you okay? Are you okay? And we’re saying call 901. We went over and started pulling branches away as quickly as we could, but I never see anything like that. Here’s a video of a funnel cloud touching down and Creek around two P.

M. Much of the day, many roads became impassable driving visibility indeed. Core also lots of trees now submerged. Tons of rain. Look at how flooded everything and just rental downpours Here’s more after Math video from Dire and Share Ville Widespread damage, power lines down and many trees blocking roadways.

Storm just flew out of nowhere, came through and knocked down all our trees. And it’s just been a big mess.

Throughout the day, residents work to remove fallen branches and other debris. Folks we spoke to remain grateful, knowing the damage could have been much worse. This is probably the worst we’ve seen in a few years.

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