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Great things expected from Jacinta Price and Kerrynne Liddle

Now on this program, as you like to call out people who say I do the wrong thing, whether I agree with them normally or not, we’d like to call them out friend or foe. In the same vein, as you know, I’ve been happy to support and back people of quality, whether it’s business owners like Paul DeMartino fighting for a fear go in Melbourne, families being poorly treated by heartless politicians like the Chilean family last week. We do like to help out where we can, and occasionally, just occasionally.

I’ve lent my public support through this program and columns and others to quality people trying to kickstart a political career. That’s why, over a long period, I’ve supported two strong, intelligent, and courageous Aboriginal women who both hail from Alice Springs, originally Just Enterprise and Karen Little. Now and then we disagree on some issues that’s always the case with everyone. But I’ve got great respect for both of these women, and I’ve been happy to support them in their efforts to enter federal Parliament. The good news is that Karen Little, as we told you back in February, was preselected by the South Australian branch at the Liberal in a winnable spot for the Senate.

I was born and raised in Alice Springs. I’ve been connected to many average organizations, but at a governance level in Indigenous affairs. Most of my work has been in the area of economy, so jobs and employment and also business development for Indigenous Australians. So I’m hoping I can bring that perspective to the work of the Parliament.

So that was good news. She’s a Senate candidate, not a Senator, but should be a Senator if things go well for her at the next election. And this month we discussed just into prices bid to take the top Senate pre-election for the Country Liberal Party in the Northern Territory.

I have been told by MPs, whether Federally or state MPs who aren’t Indigenous, that they find it difficult to push back against issues like that, that they find it difficult to guess advocate for issues regarding Indigenous Australians because they’re often shot down because of the color of their skin and told their racist for attempting to advocate on behalf of Indigenous Australians. And given there are those with that difficulty, I know that I can certainly bring that fight to the table.

Well, more good news, as you will have heard over the weekend, just said there was successful defeating the sitting Senator, Sam McMahon. This is great news. Two strong independent Indigenous women on the conservative side of politics preselected into winnable Senate spots without quotas, without special treatment. I don’t want to put too much pressure on these women. It’s over to voters now, of course, but some of us expect great things.

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