Supreme Court Upholds

BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court Upholds Restrictive Arizona Voting Law

Coming out of the Supreme Court this morning with a significant decision on a key voting rights case today, expected to be the last day of the term. I want to get right to NBC’s Pete Williams, senior digital reporter, Jane Tim, MSNBC contributor Melissa Murray, and Latasha Brown, the founder of Black Voters Matter. Pete, I want to go to you because this is the question here in front of the justices had been whether they would strike down or uphold these two restrictive voting laws in Arizona. This could have significant implications.

What are you learning?

Well, no surprise here that the Supreme Court has upheld both the provisions of the Arizona law. I say that because even the Biden administration said under a under a reading of the Section two of the Voting Rights Act, these two provisions were legal under the Act. The question is, what did the court do to what’s left of the Voting Rights Act? This is a six to 3 ruling. This is the total split by ideology, the six Conservatives, the three Liberals on the other side. Just as Elena Kagan, writing for the dissenters, says, the court has weakened the Voting Rights Act, and she fears that what the impact will be on these other state laws that are now being considered.

Some of them pass to restrict voting laws and restrict the access to the vote that was enacted after the last presidential election. So it’s going to take us a while to get into the weeds here about precisely what the test is. That’s the real essence of this decision, but not a surprise that the court upheld both those Arizona provisions on what they call the state called ballot harvesting and on the question of votes cast in the wrong precinct.

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