CA Democrats pass bill

CA Democrats pass bill to move up Newsom’s recall vote

While some California Democrats, they passed a new bill which could help Governor Gavin Newsom in his recall battle by moving up the actual voting date. Our next guest is a Los Angeles restaurant owner and vocal critic of the governor since the beginning of the state severe lockdown rules. Chef Andrew Gruel from Slap Fish Restaurant joins us right now from California, Chef Gordon to you.

Well, thank you so much for having me I really appreciate it. And hopefully, one of these days, one of these mornings we’re going to be talking things like pancakes as opposed to the News, a monarchy.

Wouldn’t that be great? Absolutely. Like the good old days? Well, Let’s talk a little bit about the recall. How are the Democrats trying to help their governor?

Well, first of all, I got to say, when I was just scrolling through, I think it was Twitter when I saw this headline, and I honestly believe that this was satire. I thought it was like the Babylon Bee Newsom’s trying to use his power in order to change this, but they’re moving the election up or the recall up. And look, even trying to put the kind of partisan politics and speculation aside, I think anybody in their right mind who would see this would recognize that. Wow, something’s not right here.

If you’ve got pretty much absolute power and you’re using that in order to manipulate or relitigate the rules under which your own recall is being run, that is just not the optics alone are dirty.

Sure, because it makes it look like okay, Let’s just get this over with real quick. Let’s see, because right now, believe it or not, even though he’s enacted such restrictive rules during the pandemic, his popularity is actually inching up a little bit. I know they’ve got plenty of signatures collected for the recall over North of 1 7,000,000, which is all it’s about. But some say the longer the weight it could actually allow for new problems to pop up. And that would actually help your site.

Yeah. 100%. And I think the reason and this is just in my opinion, that he’s moving this up is that things are okay right now. Right. Businesses are opening. People have a little bit of money in their pocket. And obviously, I virtue of a lot of the money being printed from the federal government. And if he moves us up, I speculate that he’s actually thinking they might shut us down again. So they got to get this taken care of while the summer numbers are low and who knows what’s going to happen moving forward?

Sure. That’s where things get scary from my person.

Well, Andrew, it was just earlier this week that apparently they’re saying in La County, they’re suggesting that people mask up again in restaurants. If they’re asking people to do that because of this Indian Delta variant, they might say we’re going to have to close down the restaurants again. And that’s what your biggest worry is exactly.

And that’s what I keep talking about. I say, Look, with the Labor conversation has been huge across every single media outlet. And part of it, the reason people don’t want to come back to work is also because open clothes, open clothes. They’re so anxious about a potential shut down again. And then they hear about mass mandates. They might be vaccinated, and they don’t understand why. And now Newson is moving the review call into this sweet spot. Things are a little fishy to use my own pun.

There you go. All right. He said, Slat Fish restaurant. He’s a chef. Andrew, thank you very much for getting up so early. It’s 3 30 in the morning out there. And he’s on TV. Thank you, Sir.

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