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UPDATE: Mother threatened with hotel quarantine

A Brisbane mother has told Sky News she could be forced to stay overnight in Sydney airport with her young children or face another fortnight quarantine in Queensland. Anastasia says she’s been denied an extension to stay in her current hotel flights home, growing increasingly limited and booking accommodation elsewhere in the state would see her class as being in a red zone. I spoke with Anastasia about her situation a little earlier.

No, we had booked some flights with Virgin Australia. We’ve had them canceled. And basically, in the quarantine facility, you’re given a window that you’re able to leave. So all of the flights departing Sydney tomorrow, about nine of them have been canceled. There’s one flight that I’m able to make outside of my window of the quarantine. I’ve asked to go early. That’s been denied. I’ve asked to stay an extra night. Right. Just to give a bit of a fudge factor in case I can’t make that flight. Everything has been denied.

Unfortunately, the Queensland government, I’ve been in touch with them overnight. And basically, they have said to me, I leave the quarantine facility, I must stay at the airport and I cannot leave the airport ground, either the arrivals or departures terminal at all. Otherwise, it’ll be deemed as a red zone. So basically they’ve told me to stay overnight within the airport ground to be still a clean case.

To then be able to travel into the Queensland border because you’re then facing or you would then be having to face another 14 days quarantine in Brisbane. Is that right?

And you’re also isolating or you’ve been quarantining with your two young children being told that you may have to stay overnight at Sydney airport. That’s just not feasible or realistic for you.

It’s not ideal. And I don’t understand how this is safe. It’s not safe for me and my children to do that. I don’t understand how to cover safe situation. I’ve asked if I can hire a car from the airport and trouble as far as I can safely because I’m just sold parent at themoment with the kids. And they have said I must arrive by air. So there’s no solution other than Yeah. So.

Well, I was going to ask, is there a solution? Is what about the potential of being transferred to a hotel close to the airport? If you inquired about that.

I absolutely have asked when I stay here to be expended. I’ve asked if I can use another hotel. There just seems to be no options. I just keep on getting no, all I’ll have to do is another 14 days of manager Quarantine.

Have you been told why you can’t extend your stay where you are at the current quarantine hotel?

Yes. Because they’re overcapacity. The doctor today was mentioning they’re about 10% overbooked there’s trying to source emergency accommodation for people incoming. It’s just blowing at the same, I guess.

And you touched on it before with or looking at using a car for transport. You’ve really tried to exhaust your options, haven’t you? Were trying to even the status Queensland government that you drive up to the border and even that was not bad.

Absolutely. I’ve even said I’ll walk across the border. I don’t care what I have to do. I just need to get home with my baby to prison. Absolutely.

So what would be what you’re calling for from either the new Southwest government or the Queensland government with this situation and potentially others in a similar situation?

Definitely. I think there just needs to be like, once you have completed your 14 day quarantine, you’ve done all the checks and balances. And if you do need to be moved to these other States, I understand that now. Sydney is a red zone. I get it. But there needs to be some sort of solution for residents trying to get home to these places. So whether it’s a guaranteed flight at a certain time, very much, the police running the hotel here and the new Southwest government has said once I leave here, check out the door, their job is done.

They wipe their hands clean. It’s just been roadblock after roadblock, and I don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t know where to turn. And it’s beyond frustrating.

So really, there’s that two hour window that you’ve got to check out of hotel quarantine tomorrow or on Friday afternoon. And it also hinges on that one flight. You have tickets going ahead as well?

Yes. Absolutely. So nine flights prior to my flight have already been canceled. Just looking on the Sydney airport departures for tomorrow. A lot of flights as well, canceled in the morning. So even there was a great doctor here trying to get an exemption to go earlier to the airport, and I could just wait. But I’ve looked at arriving into the Gold Coast into the Sunshine Coast, anywhere in Brisbane, I don’t care. Anywhere in Queensland. I will arrive to then be able to travel onwards to Brisbane.

And you’ve come from the Middle East, your husband is still there. And as we’ve mentioned, you have your two young children. How are you overall, until this point, found the process of coming back into Australia during this pandemic.

Yeah. Look, we’ve left a place where they’re having over 3,000 cases daily. You can’t cross into we were living in Abu Dhabi. You can’t cross into Dubai without a PCI test or a DPI tests, which once that’s clear at the border, you can then cross, but then you have to do multiple tests. They have a huge amount of their population vaccinated as well. Like I think they were saying yesterday, around about 93% of the targeted populations already be invaccinated. Look, I was very fortunate to get flights not get bumped.

It was a very last minute decision to come to repatriate myself and the children just because of some circumstances in the Middle East, the police have been wonderful. The military. The only short delay was on the bus when the hotel didn’t know we were actually arriving. But other than that, it’s been okay. We Unfortunately, we got some food allergies, and we had a bit of misunderstanding with that. I really feel the departments are not communicating with each other as well. To be honest with you, like days before the flight had to feel informed.

So I’m coming where I’m coming from, any medical requirements, any food allergies, and nobody else knew this. Like, the catering team didn’t know. The hotel didn’t seem to know we were arriving. But other than that, it’s all been quite wonderful. I can’t complain.

Of course, I suppose up until this point now, where you are struggling to get back to Brisbane and back to Queensland. Well, we certainly do hope that you are able to get home, Anastasia, and keep us updated with what happens on Friday afternoon. Thank you for your time.

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