Veterans given green light to visit

Live Update: Veterans given green light to visit DC memorials again after COVID-19 break

Year off for COVID 19 honor flights are ready to take off once again. Each year. The network takes 22,000 veterans to DC to see the memorials created in their honor. Joining us to discuss is Army Veteran and National board member for the Honor Flight Network, Matthew Schuman. Matthew, thanks for being with us this morning.

Nice. Thanks for being with us so, you know, you’re an Army vet. Tell us what the Honor Flight means to you and why it’s so important to everyone who serves.

Our flight is an amazing organization with the purest intention. We just get to bring our nation’s veterans to Washington, DC to visit the memorials that were raised in their honor. And it is a humbling experience to be able to bring these men and women to our nation’s capital, to be able to visit this.

And it’s an amazing opportunity for them and explain how someone say a veteran is watching right now and they want to be a part of this. How would they go about that?

Well, first, we encourage them to visit on our flight org. We have 130 hubs across the country that would allow them and work with them and helps raise funds to be able to get the veteran and their caregiver and perhaps all the volunteers to Washington DC. It’s typically done by their sort of city, and they come to Washington DC and be able to visit these monuments.

Okay. And then also, I read on here that it said last year there were 757 vets that wanted to visit and they did not get the chance. Don’t you think that their loan should be meant for people who want to go to show tribute to them as well?

Absolutely. That’s the best way we honor our nation’s veterans is by doing things like this to bring them here and to not let this world get us in the way anymore. The fact is, we’re open on our flight is taking precautions into place, asking for code, vaccines, and we are following CDC and DC guidelines. But Here’s the thing. This is an amazing year. The 2,021 we’re going to be able to have our 250,000 veterans come through the program, come to Washington DC, and we’re going to be able to honor them.

And we are so very much looking forward.

And then as far as the local hub, how many local hubs are there for this? I mean, they’ve got to be all over the United States.

All over the place. We have 130 hubs. They are amazing, passionate volunteers who care deeply about our veterans. And the reality is we’re going to do amazing things every single day at Honor Flight.

And then I just want to come back to this with you being a veteran yourself. What’s your favorite part about the Honor flight?

It’s humbling. Everything else falls aside. Politics. Everything falls aside. When you see one of these people for the first time approach the monument raising their honor. They’re not thinking about themselves. They’re thinking about their friends who never made at home and honor flight. It’s about them. It’s about respect. It’s about duty and taking care and showing appreciation for the country.

We have such an awesome organization and a great message. Matthew Shuman, thank you so much for being with us this morning.

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