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Live Update: Sydney lockdown set to be extended until at least July 16

The front page of the Odd and the SMH has got this big story. The lockdown will be extended for a week. If we head to the front of the Australian, you can see the headline there, of course, and it says Stay at Home another week. That’s the headline. More than 5,000,000 Sydney starters will remain in lockdown for the initial week after the New Files crisis cabinet meeting agreed to extend city-wide covid 19 restrictions until at least July 16. The extension of the lockdown, originally due to expire on Friday, will also leave students in Sydney learning from home when schools return on Tuesday.

And if we flick straight across to the front of the Sydney Morning Herald, the same situation applies. They’ve gone with the angle that students to stay home as the lockdown is extended. Sydney’s lockdown will be extended by a week and school students will learn from home for the start of term. The new Southwest government buys itself more time to bring the covid 19 outbreak under control. Christie’s surprised that got a Para jiggle and has gone for the extra week.

I’m not surprised she’s gone for the extra week, but what I am also I’m surprised about is Premier Berati Clans’ willingness to get on and consult with the industry after just two weeks of the economy being locked down, something that she has resisted. I see she’s called in heads of Airlines, banks and of course, Rob Scott, who has been a standout hero of corporate Australia this year, talking against the Andrews government and their disastrous or lack of consultation with industry. Let’s not forget, in Victoria we had four months of lockdown and a roadmap out of lockdown, at which point the government consulted with the industry very badly.

And not all industry was not publicized or was not announced until early September after we began having restrictions in March. I think there is some politicization now around. Well, people who were anti-Victorian government behaviors are now having to eat some humble pie because New South Wales designing to lockout it is not the same. I see Gladys particularly and taking very, very considered steps to engage with the industry very early. And there are no preposterous announcements such as people not being able to go outside their home past eight P.

Christie, I want to go to the front of the Queer Male now, I don’t know if this is covered related, but I can tell you what. It’s certainly getting up the nose of a lot of motorists here in Queensland. The price of petrol has gone through the roof and we alluded to this at the front of the show bows the blowout Queens Landers facing record fuel prices, fuel prices in Queensland could sort to unprecedented levels with the average cost of unleaded breaking records in the Southeast this week at 100 dollars, 73 cents per liter.

The predicted rising code Vaccinations will lift prices even further. And of course, it was interesting. Christie, we had a three-day lockdown last week. And, of course, there weren’t many cars on the road, and the fuel price was down around the Dollop 43 a liter Mark. And then, of course, as soon as the floodgates are open and people are out on the road, the hike is around the 30 to 35 cents a liter Mark. I mean, there’s been inquiry after inquiry into Socalled cartel-type operations from these fuel companies.

But this is outrageous.

It’s extreme, isn’t it? It is the traditional school holiday petrol gouging hike. And, of course, companies that engage in this behavior. We’ll have valid reasons for doing so. And we know what all those residents are given to the media who make inquiries. People do not need the extra cost of living pressures at a time when many businesses and many small businesses in Queensland had to have their incomes reduced, not just due to this lockdown, but particularly in the tourism industry of many lockdowns last year. And, of course, the general impact of covert 19 across many industry sectors.

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