North Miami Beach awaits report

North Miami Beach awaits report before letting condo residents return

Dozens of people have temporary new homes after they were forced to evacuate a North Miami Beach content.

Meanwhile, we’re getting a new reaction about a report about the building, local attendees reported. Madeline, Right, is live with those details.

Andrew Denise, There are two reports written by an engineer for the condo Association at Crestview Towers. The first report says that the building is structurally unsafe, but the second report is expected to say that the building is safe for Occupancy while repairs are being made. While the city waits to get its hands on that report, which was supposed to be delivered by noon today, residents are staying at various hotels while the repairs are being made, including this one roadway in.

It’s been four days since residents pack their bags and evacuated Crestview Towers in North Miami Beach. There’s still no timeline on when they can go back home.

The timeline falls strictly on the condo Association is board city Manager Arthur Sorry.

I say the board needs to submit a report that determined the building is safe for Occupancy, which will then have to be reviewed by a third party.

Now we need to get to how much of these repairs got a cost that is needed. And do they have the money for those repairs?

300 residents were forced out on Friday, the same day the condo board submitted an engineer’s report indicating the building was electrically and structurally unsafe with concrete spawling and moisture on balcony slabs. While the report was prepared in January, it wasn’t submitted until after the Surfside condo collapse. More than six months later.

That was a report that should have been submitted by the architect. Since the architect was in communication with the city, consistently asking for extensions was under the impression that this report was also going to be submitted by the architect.

Whose responsibility is it to turn in that engineer’s report?

Well, I mean, this is going to be something that’s going to be looked into moving forward. I’m assuming some things will change.

The Red Cross and the Miami Dade County Homeless Trust arranged for displaced residents to stay at various hotels, including roadway in while repairs are being made to the condo building.

The board has for the past two years, up until the last third day, I’ve been working on repairs endlessly and around the clock, not just structurally and electrical, but working together with the Fire Marshall to make sure that the building is up to.

There should be no repairs being done because there are no permits pulled. There are no permits on file for Crestview Towers, and, you know, you can’t do work without permits.

Tropical Storm Elsa moves past Cuba and closer to the Florida Keys

And the city manager says that North Miami Beach will continue to go down the list of older highrise buildings to make sure they’re safe for residents to live in Northwest Miami Dade. Madeline Right, local 10 news.

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