Tropical Storm Elsa moves past Cuba

Tropical Storm Elsa moves past Cuba and closer to the Florida Keys

Tracking Elsa as it closes in on the Keys. Residents there seemingly taking the warning signs in stride.

Elsa making landfall in Cuba earlier this afternoon with heavy rains, flooding towns and causing Rivers to overflow on the Island Sound, Florida.

Feeling the effects too strong Gus from an outer band of Elsa sent this chair flying off a balcony in sunny I Beach warning residents to keep that patio furniture in. Her chief meteorologist, Betty Davis, is tracking it all for us.

She’s in the Weather Authority Center with what we can expect from Elsa. Betty, good evening. We’re going to have more soaking downpours for parts of the Keys as well as South Florida and also some gusty winds, winds that move over that 40 miles per hour mark, especially as we talk about what’s in store for the Keys. Here is the very latest on Tropical Storm Elsa. As of the 11 P. M advisory, the Center of circulation is now over the Florida Straight, and the storm has gotten a little stronger notice.

Maximum sustained winds are now up to 60 miles per hour. The last time we checked in on Elsa when it was Overland, it had weekend come down to 50 miles per hour. So we definitely have to keep an eye on this as it gets closer to the Lower Keys, centered just 80 miles South southwest of Key West, moving toward the North northwest at 12 miles per hour. It’s on a forecast track that’s going to allow for a pass near the Lower Key S just to the West.

And then it continues up over the Eastern Gulf of Mexico. And then after that, it’s going to make a move as we go from late Tuesday into Wednesday, near or over that West Coast of Florida on the West side of the Peninsula and near the big Band, it hooks off toward the northeast. But let me talk about what we are expecting tonight for parts of the Keys. Tropical storm warning still in effect for the lower and middle Keys as well. This is where we do anticipate those winds that gust maybe at times 50 plus miles per hour.

For now, we’re simply tracking some gusty downpours running in over parts of the Keys as well as a band will get to in a second in Miami Dade. But right now, winds in Key West and marathon or gusting near 20 miles per hour. So the worst of the weather is still yet to come. This is the band I just mentioned right here pushing into the Upper Keys as that’s coming into Miami Dade, it’s gonna bear watching could contain some gusty winds. And we won’t rule out a brief spin-up with some of the storms embedded in any band that happens to move through or even an isolated downpour that runs in off the waters.

But the stronger winds will be near this circulation Center that’s now making its way out over the Florida straight. And this is poised to move in over parts of the Keys based on what the forecast models are showing. That’s where the worst of the weather is going to be as that Center closes in on the Lower Keys. So look for tropical storm winds to arrive overnight. Lower Keys around the dry Tortugas up toward Key West, it’s gonna get pretty nasty out. We’re talking 40 plus mile Por winds with the heavy rain bands.

And we could even have some 50 plus mile pro winds at times as we’re getting into Tuesday morning. Rounds of heavy rain moving on through. It’s gonna be a really sloppy morning based on what the forecast models are showing by Tuesday evening. Winds not as strong, although they’re still could be some scattered downpours whether improves overnight tomorrow. And take note of the heavy rainfall this model is showing over portions of our Collier County extending on up through the West Coast of South Florida. There’s a flood watch in effect there on our side talking Miami Date and Broward not expecting conditions quite like that, but we certainly could have some gusty downpours at times, along with localized flooding.

Upper Keys will watch for some gusty downpours, too, as well as winds that at times gusting up to 40 miles per hour. So through the overnight into tomorrow morning, it will start to get worse in terms of the weather that we see down around the lower in Middle keys.

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