Move Over Samosa; Make This Unique Curry Puff Your Go-To Snack (Recipe Inside)

Move Over Samosa; Make This Unique Curry Puff Your Go-To Snack (Recipe Inside)

Have you ever wondered what would chicken curry in a samosa taste like? We know how it would exactly taste like and we are here to share it with you! Curry puff is a South-East Asian delicacy, where crispy, flaky puff is filled with chicken curry. A bite into a crispy and flaky puff leaves you with an explosion of flavours. As per food experts, this dish is majorly eaten in countries like Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. One can also find similarities with Latin American dish – empanadas. Some of you may also find similarities between the texture of curry puffs and desi samosas.

Curry puff is quite fulfilling. You can have it as is in between meals or can pair with evening tea or coffee a heavy dish that will fill you up by only having a few pieces. It is a delicious snack that can be served with your evening tea or coffee.

Puff pastry is flaky and crispy.

How To Make Curry Puff | Curry Puff Recipe:

The recipe to make curry puffs is divided into preparing two different elements and then combining them together at the end. 

Start by preparing the puff pastry. Puff pastry has a very specific recipe that you need to follow to receive that flaky and buttery texture. You can also buy puff pastry from the market to make the process easier. The filling of the puff has a very distinct taste that makes this puff unique and flavourful. It uses ingredients like curry leaves and curry powder to give spicy curry flavour to the gravy-like filling. To prepare the filling, stir fry onion and garlic in oil till it is translucent. Add cooked chicken, curry leaves, curry powder and potatoes. Pour in a lot of water to give the filling gravy-like consistency. Cook till the chicken and potatoes have softened.

Click here for the step-by-step recipe of curry puff.

Try out this recipe and tell us how liked it in the comments section.

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