Navroz 2021: 7 Popular Navroz Recipes That You Must Give A Try This Festive Season

Navroz 2021: 7 Popular Navroz Recipes That You Must Give A Try This Festive Season

The Parsi New Year (also known as Navroz) is a religious festival that is celebrated on the first day of Farvardin, the first month of zoroastrian calendar. Navroz is a combination of two Persian words: ‘Nav’ – which defines new – and ‘roz’ – meaning day. It is celebrated by all the Parsis all over the country with great joy and happiness. Navroz is celebrated in the late July or August in India, according to the Shahenshahi calendar (a calendar that does not include leap year). This year, we are celebrating Navroz today (16th August) in India.

And needless to say, a grand festival is incomplete without a lavish feast. So, here we bring you a list of the most popular navroz recipes that you should must-have during the celebration. From Sali boti to Per Eeda, these recipes are sure to win your hearts and of course tastebuds. So, let’s get started.

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Navroz 2021: Here’s a list of popular navroz recipes you can try at home:

1. Sali Boti

Can you imagine a Parsi lavish feast without sali boti? No, right? This special recipe is a combination of succulent mutton pieces slathered with a prominent flavour of juicy tomatoes, onions, jaggery and vinegar. Pair it up with crispy potato sticks or wedges and your delicious meal is ready to savour. Here’s the recipe for you.

2. Chicken Farcha

A popular and unique dry chicken recipe, this recipe is made with boneless chicken pieces marinated in a pool of spices and deep fried to the perfection with a coating of eggs and fiery chilli. It can be enjoyed as an ideal snack or appetizer recipe. Pair it up with your favourite chutney and enjoy the crispy treat. Here’s the recipe for you.


3. Akuri

Here’s a popular Parsi style egg bhurji recipe for you. Akuri is basically a mildly spiced scrambled egg dish which is followed by the addition of potatoes, ginger, dry fruits, nuts and some spices. Pair it up with pao and your quintessential Parsi breakfast is ready to relish. Click here for the recipe.


4. Patra Ni Machi

For those who love fish in their special menu, this recipe is all that you need. It is basically a steamed/baked/grilled fish that is marinated with the goodness of coconut, zesty lemon juice, mild spices and the best part is – it is wrapped in the fresh banana leaves to give it a perfect taste, appearance and texture. Here’s the recipe for you.

5. Tomato Papeta Par Eeda

Here’s another delicious egg recipe for you to savour. This dish is prepared with baked eggs dipped in tangy tomato sauces followed by some crispy potato wedges. You can have this dish as a snack, breakfast or even as lunch. Click here for the recipe.


6. Parsi Mutton Cutlets

Succulent and delectable mutton cutlets! This dish is an amazing snack recipe that is perfect for any special occasion, party or impromptu family gatherings. Afterall, no festival is complete without a delicious snack or an appetizer. Want to know the recipe? Click here.


7. Mawa Cake

They say – ‘there’s no better way to bring people together than with desserts. So, here’s a sweet treat to complete the lavish feast. Made with fresh khoya, maida, egg, butter, vanilla essence etc. Click here for the recipe.

Try out these recipes to make your special occasion an extra special occasion. And let us know which one turned out to be a hit.

Happy Navroz 2021!

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