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Watch Kansas City Chiefs vs Arizona Cardinals game live stream online today

The Arizona Cardinals have a big game ahead of them tomorrow. And although it’s just the pre-season, it’s gonna be a good test for our team. In Week two of the preseason, the Arizona Carnes will take on a team that made it to the Super Bowl last season, the Kansas City Chiefs. And what makes this game so enticing is that the Chief still be playing their starters the entire first half of the game. So we’re gonna see Patrick Mahomes, Tyre Till and Travis Kelsey, to name a few stars on their team, which is actually gonna be a good thing for us, especially for our rookies.

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And let me tell you why, when rookies first enter the League, it takes them some time to get adjusted. And why this is good for us is because we get to play against one of the fastest offenses in the entire NFL. So if they’re not caught up to game speed, this game will help them get a good feel for it. And obviously, one game isn’t gonna get them fully caught up, but it’s definitely gonna help. And I love what I saw from our rookies last week, especially Saven Collins, Rondele Moore and Marco Wilson.

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They all shined in Week one against Alas, and this week they’re gonna get their first look at a legit NFL offense. I just hope our staff gets our rookies in the game relatively early. Davin’s gonna see a lot of time considering he’s our starting inside linebacker, but I’m not sure about the other ones. But with AJ Green status up in the air, Ronda More could see a good amount of action as well. And with Marco getting first-team reps a couple of weeks ago, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him thrown in early, too.

We all saw the potential they have, and I’m just hoping they get to see early action on Friday. Now, I don’t expect them to have their greatest games considering who we’re playing, but I do expect him to take strides in the right direction, which is all you could ask for. And although I’m super excited to watch our rookies play, I’m even more hype to see our starters in action for the first time this season. Kyler Murray will make his debut on Friday, per Kliff Kingsbury, and Kylers made it pretty clear that he’s not a fan of the preseason, saying that games don’t count and they don’t matter, but it’s always good to get live reps in.

I mean, he’s not wrong.

And although Kyler’s making his debut, I’d be surprised if JJ Watt played. But when we get to see Chandler Jones or Buda Baker play, I don’t know. There’s a lot of question marks right now, but it’s good that our starters are gonna get some action tomorrow because it’s always good to knock that rust off. When a player doesn’t get game reps, typically, they come back a little rusty, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see that from some of them. And to be honest, I’m really hoping we get to see AJ Green in action because everything I’ve heard about him in camp is he looks amazing.

From Peter Schrager to Louis Riddick, they are all saying he looks great. And Louis Riddick even said that he looks like the 2015 version of himself. I’ve been saying if we can get 80% to 85% of prime AJ Green, our offense will be unstoppable. And from what I’m hearing, we might just get that. My only worry is that he’s already gotten hurt in camp.

And if you know AJ Green’s history, you would know he is super injury prone. So priority number one for the Cardinals is keeping everybody healthy. And if that means AJ Green sets this one out, I’m 110%. Okay with that, we just need to make sure our starters are healthy and ready for week one. It’s that simple, but we know for a 100% fact that Kyler is gonna be playing in this one.

And like I mentioned earlier, although we don’t know how long he’s gonna play. At least he has a chance to knock off that rust I was talking about. This team goes as Kyler goes, so we need him playing his best football. If you saw my Kyler Murray season’s predictions video, you know that I’m anticipating big things from him this season, and I think you’ll be a legit MVP candidate, and I actually think he’s gonna win it. But that’s probably just my bias showing.

But for the second week straight, I’m excited for a preseason game. Is there something wrong with me? This should be a fun one, and I can’t wait for tomorrow, but that’s pretty much gonna wrap up today’s video. But before you click off, let me know who you think’s gonna win the game and who are you most excited to see play. Make sure to let me know down in the comment section below.

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