Aamna Sharif Celebrates Onam By Devouring A Delicious Onam Sadya, Here Is How You Can Too

Aamna Sharif Celebrates Onam By Devouring A Delicious Onam Sadya, Here Is How You Can Too

Onam is the festival of harvest that is celebrated in the South India state of Kerala. This 10-day long celebration began on August 12 and will go on until August 23. Celebrating this festival with much fervour is none other than Aamna Sharif. The television actress decided to treat her taste buds to the rich and delectable flavors of a traditional Onam feast. Aamna left our tummies rumbling with the picture of her Onam sadya which included pachadi, mooru kadhi, avial, red rice, sambar, olan, bananas, and pappadam all served on a large banana leaf. Are you slurping yet? We certainly are. 

Get ready to drool by just looking at this oh-so-yummy feast.

The actor enjoyed an appetising lunch spread the traditional way 

A variety of dishes are prepared on all the10 days and served on a banana leaf. All the items that are prepared during this time are vegetarian and are cooked using vegetables and lentils. The most popular dishes are avial (mixed vegetables cooked in a yogurt and coconut paste), sambar (a tangy lentil curry made with vegetables and tamarind pulp), pachadi (a side dish that is made with gourds and cucumber), olan( black-eyed peas cooked with bottle gourd in a coconut-milk gravy). No meal can be complete without a sweet dish and on Onam, special desserts like paal payasam (kheer made with milk and rice) and ada pradhaman (a sweet dish prepared using coconut and palm jaggery) are a must on the menu. 

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If all these dishes have left you with the urge to rush into your kitchen and start cooking, we are here to help you. Here are a few traditional dishes you can rustle up at home and enjoy a rich and tasty Onam sadya with your family. 

1) Avial

A healthy blend of vegetables like drumsticks, red pumpkin, yams, and potatoes cooked in a thick yogurt and coconut paste. 


This delicious curry is a must try on any other day as well

2) Moru Curry

A delicious gravy made with coconut paste and dahi tempered with curry leaves, green chilies, and fenugreek seeds in coconut oil. 

3) Beetroot Pachadi

A vibrant pink coloured pickle prepared using beetroot, tamarind, onions, and jaggery cooked in coconut oil. 

4) Sambar

A yellow lentil curry cooked in a flavorful masala with vegetables and tamarind pulp. 


Sambar is a beloved South Indian dish that everyone enjoys

5) Ada Pradhaman

A quick and easy dessert made with palm jaggery, ada rice, cashew nuts, and fresh coconut milk. 

Looking for more delicious delicacies from Kerala to cook for Onam? Find them here.

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Like Aamna Sharif, celebrate Onam with your family by relishing these drool-worthy dishes at home. Do tell us which ones you enjoyed the most. 

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