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Chiefs at Cardinals – Friday 8/20/21 – NFL Live Stream, Betting Picks & Predictions

Week two of the NFL pre season, and this is bound to be a good one. I’ve got your free pick for this Friday, August. We’ve got a new promo code this week. Fan saves you of the entire Pixar dot net site. The Kansas City Chiefs are taken on the Arizona Cardinals, and I’ve got an expert handicapper. Sean Higgs with me today to give us the play. What’s up, Higgs?

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Not much. So much a little Friday night football here NSL pre-season.

I can get with that. I’m not mad. I’m not mad. But let’s just keep that football rolling along. So we’re showing the Chiefs at the two-point favorite on the road against the Cardinals, and the total is set at a 41. What do you got going on with this one is yeah.

So, you know, funny, I’m looking today, and old Clippy here is the third highest or worse. However, we want a bad news for him. Got to get fired this year. So obviously he’s got some issues going on down in Arizona. This came here. I’m going to look at the over right off the bat. We’re going to jump on you over 41 and says, you know what? Starters going half year. So I’m getting my homes for a half against Arizona. He’s going to want to get in sync with his guys.

So I’m liking him to put up some points. On the flip side that we have, commerce has come down. It says he hates pre season. But you know what? He hasn’t really got any reps in with any of these guys that would hop that would they bought in car to his other wide receivers cat. So he’s got to get some reps going with his flight right off of the bind banged up. And I think CliffNotes the last home game here. Let’s get a win under our belt, Arizone.

I’m gonna lean a little bit with him plus 115, but give me the over. I think this is gonna have some points scored in this game. Both teams, let’s be honest, and is taking this as his official dress rehearsal type game. I don’t think we’ll see any much next week. This is going to be the big game for him. So I’m expecting is to do a lot of the damage here. So I’m on the over.

Yeah. I mean, I got to go with you on this one. There’s one thing I remember. Well, if there’s two things I remember about the Chiefs last year, they score a bunch of points, and they’ll let you score a bunch of points, too. They didn’t really have a stellar defense last year, and I think they’ve kind of figured that out. You can’t just score a bunch of points. You got to have some defense. But this is the pre-season. I love Kyler Murray. I love Cliff Kingsbury.

I love the Texas boys that are making up the Arizona Cardinals team. So I’m with you on the side there, and I’m with you on the total we’re going to take. So we’re going to take it over the 41 in the cheap at the card.

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