When will Snapchat be back up and working?

Snapchat, the popular photo sharing app used by millions of people around the world, has unexpectedly stopped working, preventing users from being able to send messages.

The Down Detector website registered tens of thousands of reports from users on Wednesday saying they were unable to load chats or access the site’s bitmojis.

The social app responded in a tweet, writing: “We’re aware that some Snapchatters are having issues using the app right now – hang tight, we’re looking into it!”

It is not currently clear what has caused the outage but The Independent has reached out to Snapchat for comment.

Facebook suffered a major outage on 4 October, which also impacted WhatsApp and Instagram, and saw the social network fall out of action for between six to seven hours.

The incident that cost the company millions of dollars in revenue and saw thousands of frustrated posters flock to Twitter and Snapchat instead.

Twitter was again overrun with memes on Wednesday as people expressed their relief that the Snapchat app not working was not because their own wi-fi was faulty and several heaving huge public sighs of relief that the reason their friend was not replying to them was because of the glitch and not as a result of something unwise they had said.

“Was starting to get worried that she didn’t like me, thankfully it’s just that snap is down,” one person wrote.

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