Chinese propaganda film crosses $630 million at box office, beating Bond and Shang Chi

The Chinese propaganda film The Battle at Lake Changjin has made over $633m (£463m) at the box office, putting it ahead of Marvel’s Shang Chi, which has global earnings of $402m (£292.4m).

The film has also surpassed the box office earnings of Daniel Craig’s last Bond film, No Time To Die.

The Chinese film showcases the Battle of Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War and is set to become China’s highest-grossing film ever.

The only 2021 films outscoring The Battle at Lake Changjin’s global earnings so far are Chinese comedy-drama Hi, Mom with $822m (£599m), Fast & Furious 9 with $717m (£522m), and Detective Chinatown 3 with $686m (£499m).

The film’s success is great news for China’s film sector, which took a hit during the pandemic.

Earlier this year, the Chinese authorities ordered the country’s cinemas to utilise the power of the box office to promote positive messages about the ruling Communist Party.

It comes as part of a drive from Beijing to inspire a younger generation to “grow their affections” for the Party and for socialism as their parents did – by watching the same old propaganda films.

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