TikTok’s Ali Abulaban ‘bugged’ iPad before alleged murders

A TikTok star accused of shooting dead his estranged wife and her male friend in a San Diego high-rise had allegedly bugged his five-year-old daughter’s iPad hours earlier in a bid to catch them together.

Ali Abulaban, 29, pleaded not guilty in San Diego Superior Court on Monday to two counts of murder over the Oct. 21 slayings of his wife Ana Abulaban, 28, and her friend Rayburn Cadenas Barron, 29, the Union-Tribune reports.

He is also charged with special-circumstance allegations of multiple killings, which means prosecutors can seek the death penalty if he is convicted.

Abulaban, who goes by JinnKid on TikTok, has nearly a million online followers and posts comedy skits and celebrity impersonations, including “Scarface” character Tony Montana.

Prosecutors say Abulaban’s wife had asked him to move out of their 35th-floor apartment on Oct. 18 following a string of alleged domestic violence incidents.

Ali Abulaban has been accused of shooting Ana Abulaban and her friend Rayburn Cadenas Barron after bugging his daughter’s iPad.
JinnKid / Tiktok

Abulaban, who checked into a hotel, allegedly returned three days later when his wife was out to trash the apartment and install the listening app on his daughter’s iPad.

Prosecutors said he was listening to the app later that day when he heard his wife talking and laughing with Barron.

Abulaban rushed back to the apartment where he allegedly shot Barron three times before shooting his wife in the head.

Ali Abulaban pleaded not guilty in San Diego Superior Court on October 25, 2021 to two counts of murder over the October 21, 2021 slayings.
Ali Abulaban pleaded not guilty in San Diego Superior Court to two counts of murder, on October 25, 2021.
JinnKid / Tiktok

Surveillance cameras captured him running out of the elevator towards the apartment just prior to the shooting, prosecutors said.

Abulaban then allegedly went to pick up his daughter from school before calling police.  

He was arrested 45 minutes later with the child in the car.

Abulaban is being held without bail and was slapped with a protective order that requires him to stay away from his daughter.

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