More cracks discovered in Inner West trams


Sydney’s Inner West light rail network will likely be out of service for several weeks at least, with cracks discovered in every single tram that has undergone recent safety inspections.

The Herald revealed last week that cracks were discovered in some of the trams which service the L1 Dulwich Hill line which prompted the service to shut down.

More intensive investigations have discovered cracks in all six trams so far inspected.

Sydney’s Inner West light rail service likely won’t be operating for weeks.

Sydney’s Inner West light rail service likely won’t be operating for weeks.Credit:Louise Kennerley

Transport for NSW chief operations officer Howard Collins said many of the cracks had only been discovered after the floor of the vehicles was removed during the inspections.

“It’s pretty extensive, it’s pretty much across the fleet,” he said. “The trams we have inspected so far have all shown various degrees of cracking.”

Mr Collins said it was not yet known how long the trams would be sidelined for, with more than 50 buses replacing the light rail to service the network.

“They’ve got a lot of work to do, and they are literally looking at every tram now going through each one of them, stripping out the floors,” he said.

Mr Collins said most of the cracking had been discovered near what he described as the wheel-arch of the trams.

The trams that service the CBD light rail are at this stage not compatible with the Inner West line because they have a different wheel profile and are far longer.

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