Melbourne Cup to begin, NSW COVID cases grow, Victoria COVID cases grow, Australia vaccination rate nears 80 per cent, G20 summit ends, COP26 Glasgow summit to begin


Government and health authorities are optimistic NSW can achieve 95 per cent COVID-19 vaccination coverage, as the Premier continues to suggest that figure could be key to the next stage of the state’s reopening.

Yesterday, data released by the federal government showed 93.6 per cent of NSW residents aged 16 and over had received a first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and 87.8 per cent were fully vaccinated.


Just 13 council areas in NSW had a full vaccination rate below 80 per cent. Demographers have said some of these results, particularly the City of Sydney and Randwick, were likely an underestimate due to out-of-date population data.

Other areas, such as Byron Shire, had a later uptake: the northern NSW town known for its large anti-vaccination population has a first-dose rate of nearly 85 per cent, suggesting it will hit 80 per cent double-dose by the end of the month. Only the City of Sydney and Edward River in southern NSW reported first-dose rates below 80 per cent.

Restrictions are currently set to ease for unvaccinated people on December 1, seven weeks after fully vaccinated people first re-entered pubs, gyms and others’ homes.

More on the situation in NSW here.

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