More cyclones than average expected as temperatures rise


Cyclone season is officially underway in Australia as several states are braced for temperatures over 30C today.
The mercury is set to hit 30C in the Victorian capital as the hotly anticipated Melbourne Cup goes ahead with crowds, while Adelaide and Darwin will reach 33C and 35C respectively.

However, showers are expected for all, along with Sydney which is forecast to hit 25C.

This comes after the first day of the cyclone season, which will last until the end of April.
Australia could be in for a busier-than-usual cyclone season. (AP)

The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted a slightly larger than average run of cyclones for the next six months.

“On average, Australia gets around 11 tropical cyclones in a season, of which four generally cross our coastline,” BOM senior climatologist Greg Browning said.

“With warmer than average seas around northern Australia this year, the number of tropical cyclones is likely to be close, or slightly above average.
The Western Australian town of Kalbarri was hit by Cyclone Seroja earlier this year. (Getty)

BOM’s Severe Weather Outlook for the 2021-2022 summer also predicted a “near average” season for bushfires and storms.

“This summer, with above average rain, more cloud and higher humidity, the number of individual extreme heat days are likely to be lower than we’ve seen in recent years,” Mr Browning said.

“And with an already wet landscape and above average rainfall likely, there is an increased risk of widespread flooding for eastern and northern Australia.”

Trees pulled from ground by powerful wind in Melbourne

Weatherzone reported that current weather conditions, including a La Nina developing in the Pacific Ocean, meant cyclones could also arrive several weeks early – thus, in November rather than early December.

BOM’s name rotation for cyclones is currently in the P’s, with the first of the season to be named “Paddy”.

The list alternates between male and female names.

Brisbane is forecast to have warm temperatures and no rain, with a maximum of 25C.

Perth, Hobart and Canberra are all forecast to stay in the early to mid 20C range, with possible showers for Perth.

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