4 Best Basmati Rice Options To Prepare Delectable Rice Recipes

Versatile, wholesome and healthy, rice is one staple ingredient that is eaten in almost every household on a daily basis. It can be cooked as mains like biryani, pulao, khichdi or can also be eaten with various curries. Besides, it is also used to prepare desserts like kheer. There’s literally so many recipes that can be prepared with this humble ingredient. If you look around and explore, you will notice a huge range of rice available in the market and online. Every variety has its own shape, size and texture. One of them is basmati rice. So, basmati rice is basically long grained rice that is known for its perfect aroma.

If you are planning to buy basmati rice for your kitchen pantry, we have got you covered. Here we bring you a list of 4 basmati rice options that ensure superior quality and good taste. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Here’s A List Of 4 Best Basmati Rice Options To Choose From:

1. Fortune Biryani Special Basmati Rice

This pack of rice ensures premium grade extra-long grain basmati rice making it ideal to prepare delectable biryani, pulaos and more. Besides, this pack ensures that the rice elongates over 2 times and becomes flavorful after cooking.

2. Daawat Rozana Basmati Rice

Here we bring you another good quality pack of basmati rice. This pack contains a mixture of both full and up to half broken grains making it ideal to prepare recipes like pulao, khichdi, chawal ki kheer and more.

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13% off

3. Kohinoor Super Value Authentic Basmati Rice

This pack by the brand Kohinoor is naturally curated and nurtured with the utmost care. Besides, it comes with super aroma, superior length and supreme taste, making it a perfect choice for everyday use.

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29% off

4. India Gate Basmati Rice

This natural and aromatic basmati rice is made up of finest quality grains. It is not only a good option for cooking biryani, but also can be opted for everyday use.

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23% off

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