NASA’s Voyager 1 detects hum in empty space


And NASA spacecraft has detected a humming sound in space. What does this mean? Does this mean that there could be a sign of life out there? Look, this was an interesting one with Voyager Voyager one and two where this craft built and launched in the 70s, that is …

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Lawmakers Accused of Abusing Air Marshal Service Since Capitol Riot

Lawmakers Accused of Abusing Air Marshal Service

Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle facing accusations that they’ve been abusing the use of the federal air marshal service since the Capitol riot on January 6th, national correspondent William Longinus is digging in to get us the details. Good evening, William. An association representing federal air marshals tells …

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Documents reveal John Kerry invested in numerous oil companies

John Kerry invested

Breaking tonight, John Kerry is facing further scrutiny, this time for financial disclosure forms obtained by Fox News that show he invested in oil companies prior to becoming President Biden’s climate envoy. Republicans are calling out the Bush administration’s embrace of the 16 19 projects, labeling it divisive nonsense and …

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5 Most Beautiful LifeLike ROBOTS ever Created


Some of the most intelligent and beautiful women in the world happen to be these humanoid robots, they are so realistic and lifelike that their charm is unsurpassable. So here are the top five most beautiful lifelike robots ever created. Number five: Erica, Erica is one of the most human-like …

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Lifelike robots proliferate thanks to coronavirus pandemic


I’m Sophia Hanson Robotics, one of the first androids in the world. Sophia may be one of the first, but we’ll soon have company hands in robotics, created the Android in 2016 and have been improving the technology. I’ve been very worried about Google 19 lately. Sophia can now carry …

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