NSW plan seen as a ‘leap forward’ for hydrogen

“They currently have high costs of production, suffer from limited enabling infrastructure, can involve large energy losses from production to consumption, and, in most cases, must be handled more carefully than traditional liquid fuels.” Industry representatives for dozens of Australian hydrogen developers such as Ampol, Woodside Petroleum, Origin Energy and …

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Lockdown in Hunter Valley maximum security prison after virus outbreak

“Shortland Correctional Centre has the appropriate level of staffing to maintain essential operations.” A spokesperson for Justice Health said there were 48 total active cases in custodial settings in NSW as of Tuesday, including 13 at Silverwater who had been transferred from Shortland. “The [Justice Health] Network’s protocol is to …

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Texas agency removes webpages with resources for LGBTQ youths

Texas officials removed two webpages in late August that provided resources for LGBTQ youths — including a link to a suicide prevention hotline — a few hours after criticism from one of Gov. Greg Abbott’s Republican primary challengers. The candidate, Don Huffines, who owns a real estate development company in …

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